Episode 5: Dr Kate Hays - Developing Confidence in Elite Performers

We were really lucky to welcome Dr Kate Hays - Head of Performance Psychology at the English Institute of Sport on the JSF Podcast for what was a fascinating look at her role and how the EIS work to develop mind-set at the highest level of world sport. Kate's special experience and research background makes for a really unique and rich educational experience for coaches of all levels, and certainly not one to miss!  


Kate has been working as an applied sport psychologist for the past 12 years. Whilst having experience working with several sports, her primary contracts have been with British Diving and Harlequins Rugby Union team. In both contexts she have worked within a multidisciplinary team; contributing to Olympic medals and World medals (at both junior and senior level). As a sport psychologist she has travelled extensively and have supported athletes at several National and International competitions including the Olympic Games and World Championships. 

Throughout Kate's applied sport psychology career, she has continued to pursue her research interests. Of particular interest is her PhD thesis which examined ‘The Role of Sport Confidence (SC) in World Class Sport Performance’, and was based upon the experiences of World Championship and Olympic medallists.  Kate has also produced academic publications in her area of specialism (confidence in World Class sport), and has regularly presented at conferences and within academic institutions. She still has an active role in research and supervises PhD students in addition to regularly meeting with lecturing staff to share ideas and practice.

Episode 4: Kit Chamier- Nutrition for Athletes and Coaches

We were really lucky to welcome Kit Chamier to the "Athlete and Coach Education" section of our podcast. Kit is the only registered Sports Nutritionist in the Channel Islands and works with many athletes and members of the general public. 

We chat through top tips for athletes to avoid illness and considerations for travel as well as go over the basics of nutrition and having a well balance lifestyle.


SENr - Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist
BDA - British Dietetic Association Associate Member

MSc - Masters in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition
UKAD - UK Anti-doping Accredited Advisor
ISAK - Skinfold Accredited Anthropometrist

BHF - Official Partner of British Heart Foundation Jersey branch

In this podcast we were really lucky to welcome Rob Anderson from Athletic Evolution.

Rob specialises in youth athletic development, and during the session we went through the following topics:

- Rob's background and how he got into working in youth sport.

- The value of athletic movement training for all children.

- Where S&C fits into to a coaches overall programme.

- Common misconceptions about strength training for children.

- Rob's advice for coaches and parents considering integrating strength training into their athletes programmes.

This was a belter of a podcast and it’s crammed with great advice. Enjoy!






The Jersey Sport Foundation was excited to welcome Dr Dwayne Sheehan of Mount Royal University, Calgary to Jersey in July.  Dwayne holds the position of Associate Professor at the University of Calgary and has extensively researched physical literacy and motor skills learning in children. As such Dwayne is regarded as one of the leading figures in physical literacy and one of the top physical education specialists in the world.

The Jersey Sport Foundation held an informal discussion with this world leader for PE teachers on Friday the 7th July at the Jersey Sport Foundation’s HQ which we are sharing with all you guys.


This week we were really excited to welcome Liz Myers to the Jersey Sport Foundation Podcast. Liz, who's PhD is supervised by Dr Margaret Whitehead, is in our opinion one of the primo international authorities on physical literacy.

During the episode Liz explores physical literacy in depth, covering the high level theoretical and philosophical aspects which include Existentialism and Phenomenology; and then goes on to discuss the more practical pedagogical and operational challenges on the shop floor.

The episode provides great insight and recommendations for all interested in helping our society to become healthier and more active. Listeners will greatly benefit from Liz's wisdom who is at the cutting edge of the subjects development. Be warned, there are some serious knowledge bombs dropped!

Liz's Background

Liz Myers is an Educational Consultant and Managing Director at Scholary Ltd. Upon leaving the Royal Navy in 2006, Liz studied at the University of Bedfordshire and achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Physical Education (Secondary) with QTS. During her final year Liz was introduced to Margaret Whitehead who acted as her dissertation supervisor and was introduced to the concept of Physical Literacy. Unbeknown at the time, this introduction to Physical Literacy would go on to form the foundation of her professional teaching practice and research.

Liz graduated in 2010 and began teaching at Devizes School, Wiltshire. Whilst at Devizes Liz held a number of positions of responsibility, including School Sports Coordinator, Projects Coordinator, KS3 Coordinator and eventually went on to set up the Devizes Schools Sports Network, a sports partnership aimed at supporting primary schools within the local area, helping them to achieve high quality physical education that is underpinned by principles of Physical Literacy.

Liz has a developing academic profile. Whilst teaching, Liz completed a MSc in Psychology (The Open University) and a MA in Education (The University of Bath). Liz is currently undertaking a PhD in Physical Literacy at the University of Bedfordshire. Liz left full time teaching in April 2014 to dedicate more time to her PhD and to work full time at Scholary. Liz also co-founded PE Scholar in 2010, a free online community website for sharing physical education resources